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Dunky Cup

Dunky Cup is a fun, new way to enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes – Cookies & Milk. The super durable cup includes three pockets for cookies such as Oreos ® and a separate center portion for milk, meaning no more plates to wash! It even allows you to sip milk between cookie bites by use of a clever pocket and spout design. What better way to enjoy your favorite tasty-sweet snack? Kids and adults love it, making it the perfect gift for the cookie connoisseur in your family. Learn more by visiting us at dunkycup.com.

Hologram Pyramid

The hologram pyramid is a fun and simple way to convert your smartphone into a pseudo holographic projector. Made from a durable, clear plastic, the pyramid attaches to any smartphone screen by suction cup and is designed for screen widths 2.8" or narrower. Based on a visual effect called Pepper's Ghost, the projector works by playing specially created videos. Click here, to watch the video.

4-Sided Pyramid Videos

Search Youtube for "4 sided pyramid videos" to find a collection of cool holograms that are compatible with the pyramid such as this mesmerizing jellyfish. The video allows viewing of the pseudo hologram from each of the 4 sides of the pyramid. Also stay tuned for more exciting videos by Sprybird.